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WFA 2017La WFA es la única organización mundial que representa los intereses comunes de los anunciantes. Reúne a los mayores mercados y anunciantes en todo el mundo, lo que representa aproximadamente el 90% de las comunicaciones globales de marketing por un valor que alcanza los US $ 700 mil millones al año. WFA reconoce y promueve las comunicaciones de marketing responsable y eficaz.

En esta sección encontrará informes, actas de trabajo, memorias, alertas regulatorias y otros materiales de valor para su empresa.

Academics find limited progress in implementing WHO’s 2010 recommendations on food marketing to children

22 Julio, 2016

An academic paper published in the July 2016 edition of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Bulletin reviews progress made by the industry, national governments and international organisations to implement the 2010 WHO resolution to restrict the marketing of food and non-alcoholic beverages high in fat, sugar and salt to children.

The authors – which include Tim Lobstein from the World Obesity Federation – highlight that both the industry and WHO Member States have failed to adopt or implement comprehensive restrictions on food marketing either to children or adolescents.

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EU Commission releases study on the impact of online marketing on children

26 Mayo, 2016

Today, 25 May, the European Commission (DG JUST) published a long awaited study on the impact of online marketing on children’s behavior.

The study was undertaken to inform the development of an updated Guidance document for the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD) and feed into the general review (officially launched two weeks ago) of the key aspects of EU consumer and marketing law. The results of the study have also been used to justify a restriction on product placement in children’s programmes in the EU Commission's proposed revision to the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive – also released today.

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Canadian health groups call for ban on food marketing to children

29 Febrero, 2016

On 24 February, a group of public health organisations launched a campaign calling on the government to ban food and beverage advertising to children under 16. The “Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition”, led by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Childhood Obesity Foundation, is launched as the Senate prepares to publish an important report on obesity.

The Coalition, composed of over 30 organisations and key opinion leaders, adopted the Ottawa Principles, laying out policy recommendations for the Canadian government. It includes a set of definitions, scope, and principles to guide policy developments, including details on a proposal to ban commercial marketing of food and beverages to children under 16. Importantly, the proposed ban would apply to all food and beverages, irrespective of their nutritional composition.

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New Zealand rules on advertising to children under review

11 Febrero, 2016

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has launched a public consultation on the revision of its general rules on advertising to children – currently defined as individuals under the age of 14 - and of the specific rules on food advertising to children. The review is one of the initiatives announced by the government at the end of last year as part of its Childhood Obesity Plan. In New Zealand, as in many countries, political demand for greater regulatory control on advertising of food and beverages (and advertising to children generally) continues to increase and significant public health interest in this review is expected.

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