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WFA 2017La WFA es la única organización mundial que representa los intereses comunes de los anunciantes. Reúne a los mayores mercados y anunciantes en todo el mundo, lo que representa aproximadamente el 90% de las comunicaciones globales de marketing por un valor que alcanza los US $ 700 mil millones al año. WFA reconoce y promueve las comunicaciones de marketing responsable y eficaz.

En esta sección encontrará informes, actas de trabajo, memorias, alertas regulatorias y otros materiales de valor para su empresa.

Portuguese left-wing parties make proposals to ban ‘HFSS’ food advertising to under 18 years old

04 Febrero, 2016

On 5 February, members of the Portuguese Parliament will discuss and vote on three proposals introduced by the Socialist Party, the Greens (PEV) and the new People, Animals and Nature party (PAN) which all aim to ban the advertising of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (‘HFSS’) to children and young people under the age of 18.

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WHO experts call for government action to reduce marketing of 'unhealthy foods' to children and adolescents

27 Enero, 2016

On 25 January, the WHO-appointed Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) released its long awaited report which calls on governments, among a package of 36 recommendations, to reduce the exposure of children and adolescents to the marketing of unhealthy foods and the power of such marketing.

The High Level Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity was mandated in 2014 to provide recommendations to WHO Director General Margaret Chan. Members of the Commission, which include NGO representatives, academics and officials, consulted with more than 100 WHO member states and held 7 regional consultations and hearings with non-State actors.

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14 Enero, 2016

Last night the French Assembly adopted an amendment re-introducing a ban on commercial advertising during and around children’s TV programmes on public broadcasting.

On 16 December, the Assembly’s Committee for Cultural Affairs and Education adopted an amendment put forward by Socialist representatives removing the ban originally proposed by the Senate. Instead, the amendment suggested inviting the Government to submit a report on the financial impact of a potential advertising ban, by 30 June 2017.

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Taiwan restricts ‘unhealthy’ food advertising to children and bans toy giveaways

05 Enero, 2016

Restrictions on food marketing to children entered into force on 1 January. Snacks, candies, beverages, frozen treats and fast food exceeding set thresholds for fat, saturated fat, sodium and added sugar can no longer be aired on children’s channels between 5pm and 9pm.

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