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WFA 2017La WFA es la única organización mundial que representa los intereses comunes de los anunciantes. Reúne a los mayores mercados y anunciantes en todo el mundo, lo que representa aproximadamente el 90% de las comunicaciones globales de marketing por un valor que alcanza los US $ 700 mil millones al año. WFA reconoce y promueve las comunicaciones de marketing responsable y eficaz.

En esta sección encontrará informes, actas de trabajo, memorias, alertas regulatorias y otros materiales de valor para su empresa.

British MPs call for “unhealthy” food marketing restrictions in a bid to tackle childhood obesity

04 Diciembre, 2015

In a report released on 30 November, the eleven members of the House of Commons’ cross-party Health Select Committee urged the British government to take a series of actions against childhood obesity including through tougher controls on “unhealthy” food and drink marketing. The report reflects the evidence heard by the Committee during an inquiry launched in July with key stakeholders.

Importantly, the report recommends adopting the following measures aimed at reducing children’s exposure to marketing:

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Indian Food Safety authority makes recommendations to restrict food advertising in schools

20 Octubre, 2015

Last week, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) released draft recommendations to restrict the sale and promotion of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (‘HFSS’ food) in and within 50 meters of primary and secondary schools.

The objective of the draft guidelines - which are open for comments - is to restrict the availability and consumption of such foods defined as (but not limited to) chips, fried foods, sugar sweetened (carbonated and non-carbonated) beverages, ready-to-eat noodles, pizzas, burgers, potato fries and confectionery.

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WHO Commission recommends statutory restrictions on ‘unhealthy’ food marketing to children

05 Octubre, 2015

On 29 September, WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity released a draft final report in which it calls for statutory restrictions on the marketing of sugar-sweetened non-alcoholic beverages and energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods (‘unhealthy’ food) to children.

The report is based on the feedback received from relevant stakeholders and through a regional consultation.

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UK advertising body reviewing non-broadcast rules on food advertising to children

01 Octubre, 2015

The Committee of Advertising Practices (CAP) is consulting stakeholders on the need to strengthen the rules governing non-broadcast advertising to children.

The current rules require that food and soft drink product marketing communications must not condone poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle in children or encourage ‘pester power’. Additionally, promotions, celebrities and licensed characters are banned in such adverts directed at pre-school or primary school age children. The rules are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority and apply across all non-broadcast channels.

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