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WFA 2017La WFA es la única organización mundial que representa los intereses comunes de los anunciantes. Reúne a los mayores mercados y anunciantes en todo el mundo, lo que representa aproximadamente el 90% de las comunicaciones globales de marketing por un valor que alcanza los US $ 700 mil millones al año. WFA reconoce y promueve las comunicaciones de marketing responsable y eficaz.

En esta sección encontrará informes, actas de trabajo, memorias, alertas regulatorias y otros materiales de valor para su empresa.

Chile adopts stringent nutrition criteria for M2K restrictions

07 Mayo, 2015

Chilean President signs into law nutrition criteria underpinning marketing restriction to <14s. On 16 April, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed into law the implementing regulation to the 2012 Law 20.606 on Nutrition and the Composition of Food and its Advertising, which sets the nutrition criteria applicable to the marketing and labelling of processed food and beverage products.

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Polish Ministry of Culture proposes to ban ‘unhealthy’ food advertising to under 16s

06 Mayo, 2015

In the latest draft amendment to the Broadcasting Law released on 24 April 2015, the Ministry of Culture proposes to ban ‘unhealthy’ food (to be defined by the Health Ministry) advertising around programmes aimed at people under the age of 16.

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Latvian EU Presidency calls for statutory restrictions on food marketing to children

30 Abril, 2015

The Latvian government, which is holding the Presidency of the EU Council until July 2015, has called for policy action at all levels to “limit the marketing of foods high in salt, fats and sugar, bearing in mind that voluntary codes have not been sufficient in reducing exposure of children to advertising, and stronger government led actions are needed” in recommendations presented during an informal meeting of EU Health Ministers last week.

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Chinese government adopts new advertising law

30 Abril, 2015

On 24 April, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislative body, adopted a revised Advertising Law, which will introduce a series of new provisions.

As reported in the RAC Alert on 23 March, the new Law will prevent children under the age of 10 from endorsing products in advertisements, ban in-school advertising and advertising on educational materials (such as textbooks, stationery, uniforms and school buses), and ban the advertising of dairy products that “claim to partly or completely substitute breast milk” in media and public venues.

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