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WFA 2017La WFA es la única organización mundial que representa los intereses comunes de los anunciantes. Reúne a los mayores mercados y anunciantes en todo el mundo, lo que representa aproximadamente el 90% de las comunicaciones globales de marketing por un valor que alcanza los US $ 700 mil millones al año. WFA reconoce y promueve las comunicaciones de marketing responsable y eficaz.

En esta sección encontrará informes, actas de trabajo, memorias, alertas regulatorias y otros materiales de valor para su empresa.

NGOs probe FTC amid new academic findings on advertising in children’s apps

26 Noviembre, 2018

A new academic study found that 95% of children’s apps reviewed contained at least one type of advertising, which the authors consider to be manipulative or disruptive. To accompany the publication of the study over 22 media and children’s health advocacy organizations sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asking for an investigation.

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London to ban ‘HFSS’ food advertising in public transport from 25 February 2019

23 Noviembre, 2018

On 23 November, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, confirmed a ban of ‘HFSS’ food adverts from the Transport of London (TfL) network starting on 25 February 2019. The ban will cover all food products which do not meet the government’s Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM).

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New poll finds 7 in 10 Irish adults support a ban on ‘HFSS’ food advertising

13 Noviembre, 2018

Dear RAC member, A poll commissioned by the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) and carried out by IPSOS MRBI in October found that 71% of parents are in favour of a ban on the advertising of sugary drinks, snacks, confectionery and crisps to children and teenagers under the age of 16, while 26% said they are against.

The poll also reveals that 79% of respondents see advertising as a contributor to childhood obesity, and that just over one-third are aware of the regulation on marketing to children in Ireland.

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Canadian NGO denounces food industry self-regulation

08 Febrero, 2017

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is calling on the federal government to ban the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks to children and youth under 17 years old. Those calls are backed by its 2017 Report on the Health of Canadians entitled: “The kids are not alright”, which denounces the marketing of “unhealthy” food advertising to children despite the Canadian Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CAI), an industry-wide initiative to limit HFSS product marketing to children.

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